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Norfolk Traffic Lawyer

Anthony Montagna, III is a Norfolk traffic lawyer.  He has practiced law over 21 years and has handled just about every type of traffic matter over the years.  He is particularly skilled in the handling of reckless driving, DUI, suspended operator’s license, speeding and hit and run cases.  Furthermore, he has assisted countless individuals in the restoration of license process.  Although each case is different, the results from one case to another vary, and the results from one case do not insure the same disposition in another case, some of Anthony’s favorable dispositions are the following:

  1. Client charged with second offense DUI, facing a mandatory minimum of 20 days in jail,  and reckless driving in Newport News,  he was found guilty of first offense DUI, no active period of incarceration, and the reckless driving charge was dismissed.
  2. Client charged with DUI in Newport News, he was found guilty of reckless driving.
  3. Client charged with reckless driving in Norfolk for operating his vehicle at 112 mph, he was found guilty of improper driving and fined $250.00.
  4. Client charged with first offense DUI and second offense DUI in Virginia Beach, client found not guilty of both.
  5. Client charged with driving on a suspended operator’s license in Norfolk, client found not guilty.
  6. Client charged with driving on a suspended operator’s license in Virginia Beach, client found not guilty.
  7. Client charged with refusal and DUI in Norfolk, she was found not guilty of both.

As a Norfolk traffic lawyer, Anthony is familiar with  judges, police officers, and clerks in the new courthouse.  It is important to hire an aggressive lawyer who will fight hard for you.  Anthony‘s dedication and experience is what separates him from all the other Norfolk traffic lawyers.

Frequently, clients have questions about the state code and city ordinance for their charges.  Anthony Montagna, III will carefully explain the elements and penalties for each charge.  Additionally, Anthony will discuss with you whether he believes the officer had a reasonable basis to stop your vehicle or probable cause to arrest you.  He will leave no stone uncovered and is not satisfied unless you are satisfied.

The most common questions that clients ask Anthony concern the DUI arrest report.  The DUI check sheet covers some of the following:

  1. Date and time of first observation of vehicle
  2. Location where the first observation of vehicle occurred
  3. Time of vehicle stop
  4. Description of the stop
  5. Confirmation of Defendant as driver of vehicle
  6. Crash information, if relevant
  7. If Defendant knows date and time
  8. If defendant can provide license and registration
  9. Defendant’s speech (e.g. slurred, incoherent, hysterical)
  10. Defendant’s odor of alcoholic beverage (e.g. strong or faint)
  11. Defendant’s eyes (e.g. bloodshot or watery)
  12. Defendant’s face (e.g. flushed or pale)
  13. Condition of defendant’s clothing
  14. Defendant’s ability to walk
  15. Defendant’s ability to stand
  16. Defendant’s actions
  17. Whether Defendant consumed any medications, and if yes, when and what kind
  18. If Defendant has any physical or mental defects
  19. If Defendant consumed any alcoholic beverages, and if yes, when, type, and how many
  20. Performance on Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test
  21. Performance on Walk and Turn Test
  22. Performance on One Leg Stand Test
  23. Performance on Alphabet Test or other non standard field test
  24. Whether Defendant was advised of his rights under Section 18.2-267 of the Code of Virginia, the time of reading, and when test was offered
  25. Time of arrest and time of Miranda warnings
  26. Time, reading and comprehension of implied consent warnings
  27. Place, time of  observation period, and time of breath test sample if applicable
  28. Refusal information, if applicable
  29. Blood test procedure checklist, if applicable
  30. Vehicle information

If you want to know about reckless driving, racing, or a suspended operator’s license, let Anthony help you today.  His telephone number is 757-625-3500.  He enjoys helping all civilians and military personnel. Anthony is the preeminent Norfolk traffic lawyer.