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DUI Clues

Drunk man in car with a bottle beer

Anthony L. Montagna, III top DUI lawyer

As an experienced Virginia Beach DUI lawyer, Anthony L. Montagna, III knows what it takes to win a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) case and he’s learned to spot some of the main DUI clues.

Trained police officers will use their senses to detect clues for driving under the influence after the initial stop. The officers will use their sight to observe blood shot eyes, disheveled clothing,  pale face, or any marks or bruises. Additionally, trained officers will observe individuals swaying while walking and standing, leaning on objects for support, stumbling or loosing their balance.

While medical conditions can affect an individual’s actions following a stop for suspicion of driving under the influence, police officers will frequently overlook the impact of a medical condition on a person’s actions outside of the vehicle.

The police officer will listen for slurred speech, abusive language, inconsistent statements and admissions of drinking. Officers are also on the lookout for yelling or excessively loud talking.

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